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Illustrations by Greg High

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A R T I S T ' S   S T A T E M E N T

          I have been a freelance artist illustrator in San Diego for forty years. I excel in many styles and media including: computer graphics; pen & ink; marker; pastel; graphite; watercolor; and acrylic paint. I conceptualize from minimal input. I am a storyboard specialist. Although I am not a "trendy" illustrator, I am an adroit draftsman and can realistically render most anything from references. People are a favorite subject. My style tends toward "whimsical surrealism." I am computer savvy and able to provide finished illustrations in digital format. I am intelligent, quick, accurate and able to work with short deadlines and tight budgets. I give my clients what they want when they need it. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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F R E E L A N C E   E X P E R I E N C E 

Illustration Experience:

Advertising  -  Animation Backgrounds  -  Book  -  Caricature  -  Cartographic  -  Cartoon  -  Clip Art

Comprehensive  -  Concept  -  Courtroom  -  Education  -  Fine Art  -  Game  -  Infographic  -  Logo

Magazine  -  Newspaper  -  Portrait  -  Presentation  -  Schematic  -  Storyboard  -  Pseudo Technical

Media Experience:

Acrylic  -  Brush & Ink  -  Canvas TM  -  Collage  -  Freehand TM  -  Graphite  -  Illustrator TM  -  Marker

Oil  -  Pastel  -  Pentel  -  Photoshop TM  -  Prismacolor  -  Rapidiograph  -  Tempera  -  Watercolor


C  L  I  E  N  T  S 

advertising illustration: AIM  -  AldenMC  -  Cyber C@fes Inc  -  Davenport Design  -  
Di Zinno-Thompson  -  Express Process Service Inc  -  Janis Brown & Associates  -  JTMoto  -  Mad Catz  -  
McClellan Marketing Group  -  Mentus  -  Norstar Group  -  Porsche  -  Qualcomm Inc  -  ResMed Corporation  -  
SouthWest Strategies.

book illustration:  BeGolfthenic  -  Blue Tree  -  Bovee Books  -  Dr. Danny C.Campbell  -  JP Images of San Diego  -  
Hearts Inspired  -  Jabberwocky Comic  -  Maximus Profectus  -  OpTel International Inc  -  Performance Impact Inc  -  
San Diego Bar Association  -  Cdr. Robert L. Shaw  -  Steve Ascher  -  Vince Scully  -  Smithsonian Books.

brochure illustration:  Bill Ballance  -  Catherine Miller Design  -  City of Carlsbad  -  City of Fullerton  -  
City of Imperial Beach  -  City of Oceanside  -  City of San Diego  -  Coronado City  -  Dowden Health Media  -  
Jerry Harmon  -  Southwest Strategies LLC  -  Third Eye / Stoorza Design  -  Training Systems Inc.

computer graphics:  ATT  -  Computer Graphic Images  -  HYA Consulting  -  Immune Response Corp  -  
Kaypro  -  New Agreements  -  Novatrix  -  Palomar College  -  Sano  -  Schwartz Graphic Design  -  Sendx  -  
Victory Integrated Systems Inc.

courtroom sketch services: AP  -  Conus  -  CNN  -  EFE  -  Entravision Comm Corp  -  FOX News  -  
KABC News  -  KBNT/17 News  -  KCAL News  -  KFMB/8 CBS News  -  KGTV/10 ABC News  -  
King Camera Productions  -  KNSD/7 NBC News  -  KSWB News  -  KTTV/11 News  -  KUSI/9 News  -  
LA Times  -  Marine Corps Times  -  Network News Service  -  Reuters  -  Univision  -  WSOC News  -  
XETV News.

editorial illustration:  Charlotte Observer  -  GoodTimes  -  LaJolla Light  -  North County Times  -  
Rancho Bernardo Sun  -  San Diego Community News.

educational illustration:  Glencoe Publishing  -  I V I  -  Jostens Learning Corporation.

game board illustration:  Carol Kerr Graphic Design.

magazine illustration:  AMERICA  -  American Council on Fitness  -  Business Week  -  
ComputorEdge  -  Parrot Magazine  -  Police Magazine  -  READER  -  SAM Magazine  -  San Diego Magazine  -  
SDMUG  -  University of San Diego Publications  -  Uptown Publications  -  Writer's Monthly.

presentations illustration:  Hewlett Packard  -  OSI  -  Qualcomm Inc  -  NCR  -  
Samuel Golding Productions  -  StrataGem Graphix  -  NFWS TopGun  -  Victory Inc.

product illustration:  Bee International  -  Pic-A-Bagel  -  Rock Creek Lake Resort  -  Solatube  -  STAR  -  Troxel.

special projects:  Airdale Brewery  -  Artists' Forum  -  Baywood Newfoundland Arts  -  Bensoft Inc  -  
Brian Woeller  -  CSI Signs  -  Cornerstone Strategies Inc  -  Diovan  -  Donjoy  -  Dowden Medical  -  
Eastern Sierra InterAgency  -  Fireman Song  -  Golden Door  -  J Hutton  -  Koenig Creative  -  Kyocera International Inc  -  
 La Jolla YMCA  -  LAN Musical Productions  -  Legoland  -  Millenium Creative Group Inc  -  Novex  -  
Pacific Computer Solutions  -  Patio Playhouse  -  Patron Spirits  -  Picture Harmony  -  Pixel Perfect  -  Princeton University  -  
R W Martin  -  RepayMe  -  SaleAThon  -  San Diego State University  -  Sierra Design Studio  -  Sony Corporation  -  
Theatrx  -  TNS Market Development  -  UCLA Outdoor Adventures  -  USCG Class of 1965  -  
W Kent Jessee  -  West City Films Inc.  -  Western Breeze  -  Young Independent American Filmmakers.

storyboard design:  Adding Darkness  -  Advanta  -  AnimationMD  -  APC Productions Inc  -  Best Western  -  
BioGenesis Communications Inc  -  BLADE  -  BrabenderCox  -  BrandonTaylor  -  Caught Looking  -  Cox Media  -  
Creative Fusion  -  CTV Productions  -  Cynosure New Media Inc.  -  Dakota Group  -  DARPA  -  Dayton Associates  -  
Di Zinno-Thompson  -  Donovan Gosney  -  Feary Advertising  -  Flint  -  Four Square Productions  -  Garage Films  -  
IARPA  -  Intel Corp.  -  J. Stokes Agency  -  Jayne Hancock Group  -  Kenneth C. Smith Advertising  -  Loma Media_Inc  -  
Lyon & Associates  -  Matthews/Mark  -  MiresBall  -  No Second Thoughts  -  Nutri Systems  -  Oster Associates  -  
Prin Pictures  -  Plural  -  Qualcomm Inc  -  Red Door Interactive  -  Royce Multimedia Inc  -  Shilo  -  
Science Branding Communications  -  ScriptwriterMD  -  SDG&E  -  Strategic Marketing Solutions  -  Subliminal Pictures  -  
TGIF  -  The Response Shop  -  Trail From Denver  -  Union Digital Productions  -  Venables Bell & Partners.

trade show illustration:  E S P I  -  Harris Goldman Productions  -  Night Vision  -  Pen&Public  -  Quill Communications.


C L I E N T   F E E D B A C K

"Wow! Well done! You have a knack for getting to the heart of a story and bringing out the key visual elements that give it tone and flavor. I think the fuzzy edges and dreamlike quality of the lines works perfectly." — DL, Screenwriter.

"Very nice working with you. You are now our go-to comp Man!! Thank you for your understanding, patience and professionalism." — AG, AldenMC.

"Hi Greg - I received the dvd in the mail the other day and had a chance to watch it last night—WOW!.. Thank you so much! It's incredible!.. I love the little features and vignettes you included, and the flow was perfect!" — MM, MrowkaDesign.

"Wow, that was fast! These are great and fit the subject matter just right." — DS, TriCom Video.

"What can I say but WOW! The look fits the genre to a tee." — TP, Noir.

"Thank you sir! I appreciate your great work for us." — PZ, Cynosure New Media

"As a screenwriter, deadlines, professionalism, and talent are the key to landing and keeping a client interested. I recently had the great pleasure to work with Greg High on a project that required all three of these elements. He took the time to understand my characters, their motivations, and the theme of the movie and then produced a superb storyboard and animatic. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a storyboard or professional artist." — DL, ScriptwriterMD.

"Greg, this has to be the best experience with a graphic artist I have had. I truly appreciate the professionalism and look forward to doing more work together in the future!" — TC, Airdale Brewery.

"I received your images in the mail today. Thanks! I compliment you on creating very simple and easy to understand storm water BMP images. I believe your images are the best in San Diego. I will keep you in mind for future educational brochures." — CH, City of Imperial Beach.

"Pretty darn nice,Greg. We'll plan to do it again. I really appreciated you stepping up and supporting the thought leadership part of the equation, and I know the client did too." — JD, LomaMedia Inc.

"Great work! It now comes to life for me and I can see the character relationships and content delivery coming together."
— JV, San Diego State University

"Thanks so much for sending the comps over last night – all were received and they look great! FYI, I have referred you to another QC division, so don't be surprised if you get a call or an email." — EH, Qualcomm.

"Shoot is going well ... Thanks for everything!" — CV, DDTV2.

"I was just informed that I'll be hearing soon from someone in Cupertino who wants storyboards too:). G said you've started something that will probably bring more follow-on business :)." — PR, Hewlett Packard.

"Very nice work! Thanks very much." — MB, Norstar Group.

"Terrific, Greg!" — EC, ComputorEdge.

"Great job ... Thanks for your help on this project." — CS, Cornerstone Strategies Inc.

"Versatility personified ..." — TT.

"Excellent. Thank you, Greg for doing this so quickly and so well ... hoping you are available to help us on the tightening stages on this and other projects. Your help is very much appreciated." — BH, BrandonTaylor.

"Awesome work, Greg!" — MM.

"The presentation of the boards went very well today ... Great work ..." — BD, DDTV2.

"The prints look great, thanks!" — SR, UCLA Outdoor Adventures.

"We thank you for turning these illustrations around so quickly. I'll be sure to keep you in mind for future projects." — WMB, Qualcomm.

"Thanks so much ... Worked out great ... Got the invoice ... Sending $$:)" — KF, Flint.

"Thanks very much. These look great. I'll be calling you again soon." — EP, AnimationMD.


R   E   S   U   M   E


M.F.A. Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1977

B.F.A., cum laude, University of Michigan, 1972


Jun 77 - present      Freelance Artist — AEGH, Escondido

Illustration, storyboard design, concept & comprehensive art, courtroom sketches, portraits, caricatures & cartoons, computer & presentation graphics. Various styles. Experience with many media. Fine art. Client list (see above).

Nov 88 - Oct 95     General Manager — Computer Graphic Images, Inc., Carlsbad

Created and managed computer based corporate art department to provide high quality graphic production and expertise in presentations and training publications for corporate, government and academic clientele. Provided computer graphic training. Established organizational procedures and production techniques to raise quality and improve efficiency. Developed sales and marketing strategies, enhanced public relations, conceived product development, and recommended/purchased hardware/software.

Mar 87 - Jun 88     Art Director — Air Superiority Associates, Inc., San Diego

Created and directed computer based art department for a training presentations corporation. Provided slide presentations expertise. Researched and recommended hardware and software acquisitions. Wasatch and Macintosh graphics systems expert. Staff of six.

Jul 85 - Mar 87     Computer Graphics Specialist — Mantech , San Diego

Designed and produced computer graphics for F-14 CBT simulator project, operating the Hazeltine MicroTiccit system. Created over 2500 cockpit systems graphics. Trained staff in computer graphic techniques.

Apr 81 - Oct 85     Presentation Graphics Contractor — Top Gun, NAS Miramar

Provided lecture support media production and expertise for the Navy Fighter Weapons School. Consulted directly with Fighter Pilot Instructors. Invented low cost slide production techniques using traditional graphic production equipment. Illustrated for the TopGun Journal.

Nov 77- Jan 81     Storyboard Designer — Perspective, Inc., San Diego

Designed and produced over 5000 comprehensive storyboard units for audio/visual training programs and motivational presentations.


Fine Art Painting — (represented in private collections)

Music — (song and film score composition; MIDI orchestration)

Photography / Videography — (documentary, art and travel)

Backpacking — (High Sierra enthusiast)

House Restoration — Vista Las Lomas, Escondido (hobby)


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