Special Art Project Illustrations by Greg High
Samples include: animation background concept; apparel patch design; painting commission; info graphic; set design; presentation art; music CD label.


S P E C I A L   P R O J E C T S 

          Sometimes it seems like every illustration assignment is a special project. Since I don't promote a "look" and willingly take on interesting projects regardless of what they may be, I have compiled quite an eclectic portfolio over the years. Here are a few, a very few samples, of some of these special projects. Before I became totally independent, I worked for many years as graphic support for the military industrial complex, specifically Navy fighter training. To this day I can still draw a pretty good F-14 from memory. With the downsizing of DoD, we unemployed artists had to adapt to new industries in need of artistic talent. Fortunately, computer games came into vogue and sucked up most the artistic talent which previously supported Defense. The transition isn't that tough ... F-16s to Ninjas. Some of us became freelancers; making a living one client at a time. Samples below include: an animation background concept; nose art gal for a beer bottle label; a Navy air squadron painting commission; info graphic for city government brochure; set design proposal for xtreme sports event; presentation art for marketing firm; and a music CD label painting. Let me know what special project you have for me. contact@greghigh.com

Concept background illustration for Seaworld animation project.   Nose art beer bottle label for micro brewery   Navy air squadron painting commission.   Info graphic illustration for city construction site policy brochure.   Artist concept design for xtreme sports event at Legoland.   Creative illustration for marketing firm presentation.   Painting commission for music CD label.

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Concept background illustration for Seaworld animation project.

concept background for animation
11" x 14"

Seaworld (Lions Den)
La Jolla, CA

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Clothing patch design based on WWII aircraft nose art genre.

nose art for beer bottle label
8" x 10"

Airdale Brewery
San Diego, CA

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Navy air squadron painting commission.

painting commission
18" x 24"
acrylic & opaque dye

Golden Warriors
NAS Miramar, CA

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Info graphic illustration for city construction site policy brochure.

info graphic brochure illustration
8" x 8"
graphite & Photoshop color

City of Coronado (Southwest Strategies)
Coronado, CA

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Artist concept design of xtreme sports event at Legoland.

special event set design
8.5" x 14"
ink, marker & Photoshop color

Legoland (Harris Goldman Productions)
San Diego, CA

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Creative illustration for marketing firm presentation.

presentation graphic
8" x 10"
ink & Photoshop color

TNS Market Development Inc (Carol Kerr)
San Diego, CA

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Painting commission for music CD label.

music CD label illustration
26" x 20"

Fireman's Song
Encinitas, CA

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